Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring Break...

 Waiting to play dodgeball at Antigravity.

 The slingshot. When you try to run you are pulled backwards.

 My cousin Scotlyn's swim meet. It was really fun, but sad. Her coach wouldn't tell her to get on the block and she was disqualified.
 Me and my family at the annual St. George Art Festrival.
 My cousin Kayler got his portrait done at the Arts Festival.
 Preston and Reggie at the water park.
We had to try to catch a football from the air, and if we caught it we got $2.   It was such a fun time. I enjoyed being with my cousins and family. I enjoyed all the fun times and I can't wait till summer! Love ya'll!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goodbye Dear Friend

So most of you know that Rosie from good old Okie Country came down to visit us. She is such an amazing women and has done so much for us. Today she left and I heard that my sister Sofie was screaming when my mom dropped her off at the "orport". Sofie screamed saying "Turn around! We can't leave her! Go get her!" I felt so bad. But we all know that she was ready to be home. She missed her family, and I know that I would've done the same thing. Goodbye dear friend. We love and miss you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Know What You're Thinking......Where On Earth Did She Go??

 I've been to the park goofing off like a great family should. :)
 I've been hanging out with my wonderful Damna Rose. :)
 We went to the PAC 12 Gymnastics Meet. 

And how could I forget this one. I've been in a chocolate war. I have been everywhere and I LOVE IT! It's been so great to have all of my loved ones here and with me. I enjoy the support from everyone. The best part is, it doesn't take 30 to 45 minutes for everyone to drive here. Well it kind of is longer but everyone came right after another so it didn't feel that long. Hopefully I will keep up with my blog. The  funnest part would have to be when we went walking throughout a parking garage for almost 30 minutes looking for our cars. But overall it was a lot of fun. :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Simon's Cat

So I watched these videos in Pre-Ap reading and everyone thought that they were the most stupid yet funny videos we have seen. Young ones would find them funny for sure. (That shows how immature we are as 7th graders)  :) If you want to see more than go to

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Safari Sweet Safari

 Many things scare Sydney.What do u think caused this effect?
 The devil hypnotized Ostriches caused it.
 So my mom not caring about the signs started to feed animals in the drive thru part of the park. All of a sudden these monkeys were all over our roof, windshield, handles. Well to thank us for our service they gave us a little gift....
 Yes. That's their poop. SURPRISE!
 These were the cutest monkeys ever! They were hand raised and 11 months old. They are just like toddlers. Their names are Milo and Odus. To tell them apart, Milo has the belt on and is mostly on Bubba. They enjoyed our hair and loved to cuddle! 
 This is Milo. He kept grooming Bubba and would look down his shirt for freckles. (That's what he is showing you)
 Oh and Milo also liked hanging from Bubbas shirt. It was pretty funny.
 They loved hanging from me as well but they would soon go to Bubba and back to me. They just got used to both of us and didn't want us to be lonely.
  This is Odus on Sofie's head. He thought her hair flower was food. Sofie thought it was the funniest thing in the world!
 We went into the "monkey barn" and then saw Sid. He is a sloth. My mom thought it was the ugliest thing in the world.
 Because Milo and Odus are only 11 months old they drink out of bottles. All that's in it is baby formula and juice. To them its really good, but humans? Probably not.
 I know what you are thinking what type of snake is that? Well it's a boa constructor. It felt interesting because on the back of my neck, I could feel its blood circulating throughout its body.
 After the "monkey barn" we went outside to feed the animals. This is a tortoise and the kids thought that he was pretty cool.
 We saw kangaroos and you could feed them and pet them. They were really scared so you were lucky to pet them if you got to. They are EXTREMELY soft!   
 Bubba loved the pigs so much! I bet the pigs loved him too.
 Sofie was a little nervous about the goats but fell in love with them later.
 The three older girls on a gorilla...
With the young ones underneath. This was an interesting safari but really fun!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Such a Spiritual Baptism!!

 Brynlee & Seth
 Bryn, Grandma, and Papa
 Brynlee and Daddy 
 Bryn, Mom, and Dad
 Bryn, Chels, and Bubba
 The 1st step to the three white dresses 
Pictures of Bryn.          
Dessert Table

Brynlee is such a special girl! She had tons of support from our WARD. She is such a wonderful spirit in our home. The spirit was so strong. I cried so hard. A lot of people did. We had a sister from the WARD sing a song called "What Heaven Sees in You" it made me cry even more. Preston (in the last three photos) got down on one knee to ask his "girlfriend" Ashlynn to marry him. She started to cry but we thought it was the cutest thing. She said yes soon after and accepted the rose. We soon came home and said that it sounded like the bachelor. I love my sister very much. She is such fun. I am proud she chose to be baptized.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Sydney #26 waiting for her word.

What a fun Spelling Bee. Sydney had a hard word. LUNAR!!!!!!! What a bummer! She got out on the first round but had a fun time. She is an amazing sister and I am so proud of her! I spelled it wrong too. SO, she shouldn't feel to bad. :)